Mustie1 is a Youtube channel which contains repairs, builds and projects featuring small engines and automobiles.

The videos show great details on how the investigation process works in deciding what to isolate or identify what is wrong. Throughout that process he takes you on the adventure including mistakes and misfortunes. His interaction with the camera and the communication makes you feel like you are in his garage helping. He often asks if you see something.

Partial listing of vehicles modified on the showEdit

  • 1992 Yale forklift

Details of each repairEdit

1992 Yale forkliftEdit

  • solution: distributor pickup, $106
  1. purchased for $500
  2. 1136 hours on the meter
  3. sat for years outside
  4. Mazda D5 engine, 1.5l, 30HP
  5. NGK BPR4EY sparkplugs, found to be installed
  6. height 85 inches
  7. GLP030BENVAE085
  8. serial# N524751


  1. Episode1
  2. Episode2


  • ″It wouldn't be a Mustie1 video without having something musty, right?″[1]

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